Our status affirms us as a company. We are, in fact, manufacturers of diamond tools specialized in both glass and ceramics sector.
However, Diamant prefers to consider itself as something else. Our identity, our soul, finds its roots in a specific art that is handed down from man to man, from generation to generation.
The manpower or better, as we prefer to define it, the Craftsmanship is what distinguishes us. And as the name itself anticipates, diamond is our essence and with our heart we transform its raw nature into a necessity.

Founded in 1975 by Mr. Agostoni, Diamant was already an expanding company, traveling between the avant-garde of the time and the work of man. Today and forever, the company is committed to the creation of unique items which are tailored to you .

The use of the latest technologies, fundamental for the realization of the production process, is perfectly combined with the action and supervision of man, in order to obtain an optimal end product that meets the needs of our customers.

One piece at a time, one grinding wheel at a time, Diamant strengthens its company and its foundations for a better future, aimed at expansion and continuous improvement.