We are made of people and for people we achieve the best results. Diamant has as its main objective and mission, to preserve the manpower or, as we prefer to call it, the craftsmanship of man. We cannot but admit that all the most technological machines play a great role, perform tasks that man could not do and reduces time, but without any doubt the hand and action of our workers will always be our firm point, to distinguish ourselves in a market made of approved industries.”Our mission, our true mission, is to make a raw product an indispensable means for the world, just like diamonds. And to make it universal.”



A team of technicians and specialists ready to guide you in the choise of the most suitable tool for your work.

Customer satisfaction

We put our know-how at your disposal every day to always guarantee maximum equipment performance. Customer satisfaction is our happiness!


We have your warehouse!
Over 2,000 items always available in stock, with 24 H delivery.


Let’s differentiate your edge
With Diamant you will have the possibility to obtain any profile of the glass.
Your imagination remains the limit.


Let your tools reborn!
Diamant offers a highly specialized grinding service to return tools with worn profiles to their original shape.
100% efficiency and yield for your tools!



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